Before you start learning Python, it may be a good idea to watch The Story of Python, by Its Creator, Guido van Rossum:

This is what Guido van Rossum had to say during his visit to the Oxford Union:

Here is Guido’s PyCon US 2012 keynote:

Incidentally, it may be interesting to listen to Noam Chomsky on The Concept of Language (whether human or computer):

More by Noam Chomsky: Language, Creativity, and the Limits of Understanding:

Yves Hilpisch’s AI-Powered Algorithmic Trading with Python, a half-day course that was given at ODSC London 2023, is now available online:

Here are some ideas on how to make Python 5 times faster (Talk Python with Guido van Rossum and Mark Shannon):

Ian Ozsvald presented Tools for High Performance Python at ODSC Europe 2019:

Here is a PyCon Sweden talk by Daniel Roos Why Python Is Huge in Finance:

Here is a video by Python Quants on Building Equity Strategies in Python:

To supplement your studies, you may wish to consult the following books: