If you have never heard of kdb+/q, you may wish to start with the following video, Introduction to kdb+ with Andrew Wilson:

You may want to watch History of Databases by Computer History Museum:

Kdb+/q is not only a database, but also a programming language written in the tradition of APL. Examine The Origins of APL – 1974 with Catherine Lathwell:

Watch Q Gems by Attila Vrabecz (Kx Community London Meetup, June 17, 2015):

Matching algorithms in q and kdb by Nick Psaris (presented at KXCON23):

Robert Almgren, Real Time Trading Signals:

q Implementations in Generative AI: Exploring Transformers with RASPq by Aaron Davies (Morgan Stanley), presented at KXCON23:

Accelerating Machine Learning with KX: kdb at Virtu (presented at KXCON23):

Another KXCON23 talk: High Performance, Real-time Event Processing with PyKX: kdb at Citadel:

Andrew Magowan and James Neill: Kdb+ and Observational Astronomy Analytics:

To supplement your studies, you may wish to consult the following books: