The BBC documentary on the History of Computers is worth watching. Here is the first video:

And here is the entire playlist.

For inspiration on applying computing to finance (especially trading), watch Jim Simons’ TED talk, The mathematician who cracked Wall Street:

The VPRO documentary Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Streets is also worth watching:

Here is what the CEO of Tradeweb has to say about the growth of electronic trading in this CNBC interview:

You may also want to watch the VPRO documentary The Wall Street Code on high-frequency trading:

Here is a talk by Christina Qi on Recent Trends in High Frequency Trading (time summit):

Outside Wall Street, one of the major achievements of computing (more specifically, reinforcement learning, a field within machine learning / artificial intelligence) was beating a human champion at the highly complex game of Go:

And here is what NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, has to say on the rise of AI:

In addition to the rise of AI, we are witnessing the beginnings of quantum computing. Here is a non-technical introduction by Peter Shor, one of the most prominent figures in this field:

If you want to learn more about the origins of computing, watch the documentary The Genius of George Boole (let us know if you can get hold of it):