Before you start learning C++, it may be a good idea to watch Bjarne Stroustrup’s Big Think talk Why I Created C++:

Here is Bjarne’s CppCon 2017 keynote on Learning and Teaching Modern C++:

Here is another Bjarne’s keynote that you should definitely watch. This one is from CppCon 2021, C++20: Reaching for the Aims of C++:

For historical reasons, it makes sense to learn about C++’s predecessors – Fortran:

Simula (the language that gave rise to object-oriented programming):

And C (whose history is inextricably tied to that of UNIX and Linux):

The creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, still believes that for operating system development, there is Nothing Better than C:

You may also enjoy this interview by Brian Kernighan of Ken Thompson at VCF East 2019:

If you are serious about high-performance C++, you may wish to learn some Assembly. Here is one way to do it: watch the CppCon 2021 talk by Anders Schau Knatten Just Enough Assembly for Compiler Explorer:

If your aim is to apply C++ in quantitative finance, watch Daniel Hanson’s CppCon 2019 talk Leveraging Modern C++ in Quantitative Finance:

To supplement your studies, you may wish to consult the following books:

Here are some indispensable tools for your C++ programming: