Many of the algorithms that you will encounter in the course are part of STL, the C++ Standard Template Library. Watch this video by Alexander Stepanov, the STL’s original designer, to supplement your QDC studies:

Watch Sean Parent’s CppCon 2015 talk Better Code: Data Structures:

Perhaps your goal is to create your own, custom data structures. Watch this CppCon 2021 talk by Christina Peterson, Victor Cook, and Zachary Painter, Design and Implementation of Highly Scalable Quantifiable Data Structures in C++:

In this CppCon 2016 talk, Marshall Clow explains STL Algorithms – Why you should use them, and how to write your own:

More as a curiosity, you may also wish to watch Nicholas Ormrod’s CppCon 2016 talk The strange details of std::string at Facebook:

This CppCon 2018 talk by Jonathan Boccara presents 105 STL Algorithms in Less Than an Hour:

Have a look at this video by Beyond Fireship, where the sorting algorithms are explained visually:

You may also enjoy Patrice Roy’s CppCon 2018 talk Pessimistic Programming:

How do you build something as complex as the Bloomberg Terminal in C++ (and not only)? Watch this talk by Paul Williams, Developing the Bloomberg Terminal:

You may also want to watch this talk by Luigi Ballabio, the author of QuantLib, produced by MoneyScience. QuantLib is a leading open source derivatives pricing system written in C++:

To supplement your studies, you may wish to consult the following books: