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  • We are pleased to announce that Thalesians Marine Ltd, a co-organizer of the Quantitative Developer Certificate (QDC), is fundraising for Centrepoint and is taking part in the Battersea Park Running […]

  • Introduction In this post we will consider the effect of various methods of parsing (date)time strings, and localizing and converting timezones in pandas DataFrames. We will be first and foremost […]

  • The understanding of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain implies at least a cursory familiarity with cryptography. In this short note we will consider some of the tools that you could use to […]

  • 2023 Quant of the Year

    We are delighted to announce that our Head of Faculty Dr Paul Alexander Bilokon has been proclaimed the 2023 Quant Of The Year, jointly with Marcos López de Prado, by […]

  • Vaex

    Are you looking for a faster alternative to pandas? Have a look at a Python library for lazy Out-of-Core DataFrames. Vaex works with enormous tabular data, processes > 10^9 rows […]

  • Here is the table for the Big Data lecture:

  • Rust

    The programming language Rust designed by Graydon Hoare is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language that emphasizes performance, type safety, and concurrency. It enforces memory safety, meaning that all references point […]

  • In software engineering everyone would have heard about the famous design patterns, the book by the Gang of Four: Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph E. Johnson, and John Vlissides. (Indeed, […]

  • finmarketpy

    Are you writing financial code in Python? Consider Saeed Amen‘s library finmarketpy. finmarketpy is a Python based library that enables you to analyze market data and also do backtesting of […]

  • quantQ

    The library behind the book Machine Learning and Big Data with kdb+/q by Jan Novotny, Paul Bilokon, Aris Galiotos, and Frederic Deleze is quantQ. It contains many scientific, quantitative, and […]